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Safety by Choice. Not by Chance.

Vaden’s Drywall and Plastering is proud to announce that our Experience Modification Rate (EMR) has averaged  0.72 over the past 5 years. This number is almost unheard of in this industry considering the amount of man-hours worked each year. An EMR is an informative and important number to any construction company. It represents the results of a company’s safety policy, and a high or low EMR can affect opportunities for potential work. An EMR has a strong impact on business by gauging past cost of injuries and future chances of risk. Vaden’s  0.72 EMR has set us apart from competition by giving customer’s the assurance of personal committed to safety. General Contractors recognize the benefits of a low EMR and use it to prequalify companies before accepting bids. Our low EMR has enabled us to continue building relationships with customers nationwide.

Each day over 400 employees are making it home safely. This can be directly attributed to our employees’ participation in our safety programs and an effective and proactive safety staff. Management’s core values of safety and service, with safety taking a precedent over everything, have trickled down to all employees at numerous locations. Their consistently decreasing EMR is a direct result of management and the future of Vaden’s Drywall and Plastering.

Vaden’s Drywall and Plastering encourages each employee to make health, safety, and wellness a personal value for themselves, their families, and their co-workers.